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Haiku Speedbuild- 07Feb08

February 7, 2008

Lately, we’ve not only been getting a slew of fantastic builders come to participate in the Haiku Speedbuilds– we’ve also been getting excellent spectators as well! Lately it seems that we get at least one spectator who’s got an awesome hat to share (you may remember the school of cephalopods that came to cheer on our builders during the first speedbuild). Many thanks to Tripster Lowe, who shared his awesome “Aztek Snow Cap” with anyone who asked!

This week’s haiku:

The flap of a bat
Drip drop of monsoon waters
Ancient image stares

-Phil Wahl

3rd Place- Sunn Thunders

2nd Place- Welcome Doobie

1st Place- Synn Mounier

Runners Up-  Ipenda Keynes, Jeanni Nishi, Peli Dieterle


As always, the builds will be on display at Blekinge Sculpture Park until next weeks event. Hope to see you there!