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Haiku Speedbuild- 06March08

March 6, 2008

Record attendance tonight! I think Welcome Doobie counted something like 22 people total… the VAA has grown into an amazing community since its inception 😀

This week’s theme haiku:

The raindrops have plenty

of personality–

Every one

~Jack Kerouac

1st Place- Sunn Thunders

2nd Place- Artfox Daviau

3rd Place- Jeanni Nishi

Runners Up- Jhonan Thor, Misprint Thursday, Nadiya Destiny, Peli Dieterle, Ransom Silverspar

All sculptures will be on display at Blekinge Sculpture Park until next Thursday, so check them out while you can!


Haiku Speedbuild- 21Feb08

February 27, 2008

Alright, alright… tomorrow, I swear, I’ll post the archive in a more timely fashion, I promise!

This week’s theme haiku:

Spring backup in CS lab:
time to fall in love with
certain humanware

~Alexey V. Andeyev

3rd Place- Sunn Thunders

2nd Place- Ransom Silverspar

1st Place- Apollo Reinard

Runners Up- Alizarin Goldflake, Rose Farina, Synn Mounier, and Welcome Doobie


See you next week (i.e. tomorrow…)!


Haiku Speedbuild-14Feb08

February 18, 2008

Yeah, this archive is a little late, and the pictures are of poor quality (immense apologies to the artists… but you should go and see them in person anyway!)– I’ve had a terribly busy week thanks to RL and I lost my original pictures of the event because of the most recent Linux Windlight update… but better late than never! 😀

This week’s theme haiku:

Drifting errantly
The solar winds of our souls
Bring us together


3rd Place- Welcome Doobie

2nd Place- Sunn Thunders

1st Place- Alizarin Goldflake

Runners up (no pictures this week– perhaps if you IM them in-world they’d be willing to show you… )-

Peli Dieterle

Ransom Silverspar

Rose Farina

See you on the 21st!


Haiku Speedbuild- 07Feb08

February 7, 2008

Lately, we’ve not only been getting a slew of fantastic builders come to participate in the Haiku Speedbuilds– we’ve also been getting excellent spectators as well! Lately it seems that we get at least one spectator who’s got an awesome hat to share (you may remember the school of cephalopods that came to cheer on our builders during the first speedbuild). Many thanks to Tripster Lowe, who shared his awesome “Aztek Snow Cap” with anyone who asked!

This week’s haiku:

The flap of a bat
Drip drop of monsoon waters
Ancient image stares

-Phil Wahl

3rd Place- Sunn Thunders

2nd Place- Welcome Doobie

1st Place- Synn Mounier

Runners Up-  Ipenda Keynes, Jeanni Nishi, Peli Dieterle


As always, the builds will be on display at Blekinge Sculpture Park until next weeks event. Hope to see you there!


Haiku Speedbuild- 31Jan08

February 1, 2008

Record attendance today with five builders and a fluctuation of spectators that ranged anywhere from four to eight people at any given time! I’m very glad to see that the word is getting around 😀 Unfortunately, we had to deal with the rolling restart today, so the region restarted right in the middle of the build… fortunately, we picked up where we left off almost seamlessly and finished the build without a hitch!

Theme haiku:

Unseen influences
Dream the world into being
Mandala of stars.
~Yvonne Aburrow

3rd Place- Rose Farina

2nd Place- Jeanni Nishi

1st Place- Sunn Thunders

Runners Up- Peli Dieterle and Welcome Doobie

All builds will be available for viewing until next week’s event– hope to see you there!


Haiku Speedbuild- 03Jan08

January 4, 2008

The VAA’s weekly Haiku Speedbuild made a spectacular debut last night with awesome results! The turnout was higher than we expected and we even got a band of extremely supportive (and delightfully strange) spectators to cheer our builders on 😀

From left to right, top to bottom: Photozz Alter, Cyanide Seelowe, Alizarin Goldflake, Thadicus Caligari, Spaceman Opus and Yummie Olsen cheer on the builders with cephalopodic enthusiasm.

The theme haiku for this week was:

The potter’s hands

Gently shape the vase

Out of himself.

-Frederick Gasser

Here are the results:

1st Place- Rose Farina

2nd Place- three-way tie between AJ Sporleder, Jeanni Nishi and Sunn Thunders

3rd Place- Dale Innis

If you have yet to watch or participate in a Haiku Speedbuild, believe me, you’re missing out on a good time! Join us next week, January 10th at 6PM SLT to see what all the (semi-) hype is about! Until then, you can go to the VAA contest area in Blekinge Sculpture Park to view Rose Farina’s 1st Place sculpture in person!



December 30, 2007

As one of the leaders of the Virtual Artist Alliance, I find myself bogged down with event planning, project management and wiki-editing every time I click the “connect” button for Second Life. If you IM me in-world, chances are pretty high you’ll get a message to the effect of “Can’t talk now, doing VAA stuff”.

But what, exactly, do I end up doing during those times? I offer you this rare, unedited look into my Second Life, to show you just how hard I work when I’m “away” or “busy”.

So, without further adieu, I present to you “Rezago Kokorin, Sunn Thunders and Cyanide Seelowe at a Board Meeting”.

Yeah, that’s it… a Board Meeting…