I Got Stoned

March 17, 2008

That is to say, I got gall stoned.

Went out to have a nice dinner with Brent, got back to do a little homework and BAM… sharp, stabbing stomach pain! The pain was bad enough for me to want to go to the Emergency Room to get it checked out, because I was not keen on suffering that way for very long.

A few blood tests and an ultrasound later, the threat was located– an inflamed gall bladder and pancreatitis (which apparently is an inflammation of the pancreas) caused by gall stones. This, of course, had to be taken care of surgically, so I was moved from the ER up to a very nice hospital room with an awesome view. Brent was there the entire time, and only left my side to either go home and feed the cats, or to get me a fresh set of clothes in which to leave the hospital. This whole weekend would have been considerably lamer if Brent wasn’t there to help me and cater to my post-op whims… thank you baby!

All that said, I’m home now and I’m doing quite alright… the lacerations still hurt, obviously, but they are slowly getting better– Brent is helping almost as much as the Vicodin is :D.



  1. Ick, aggh, youch! Hope you’re feeling better (although not better enough that you have to get up and not be pampered by the boy anymore) reeeeal soon!

  2. We missed you last night. Sunn won with a beautiful build. Get well soon!

  3. Well, two weeks and I guess you are now into the boring routine of recuperation. Just stick to whatever the docs prescribed for you, regular meds – even if you don’t think you need them, lots and lots of rest probably. Whatever they said, you do it and get better.

    I was surprised to see you at Photohunt. Don’t put too much stress on yourself now. Recuperation is your job for the time being, it will all be over soon enough.

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