Chiaksan for Sale

February 18, 2008

Chiaksan, the current sim that the Virtual Artist Alliance Gallery resides in, has seen quite a bit of action in the last few months in terms of virtual real estate.

The Virtual Artist Alliance gallery has, as far as I’ve seen, been the most consistent landmark of the Chiaksan sim, expanding from the original 2048 sq.m. parcel that was generously donated to us to the current holdings of 3584 sq.m. This has happened over the course of about one year, and Chiaksan’s landscape has changed rather dramatically in that time. I’ve seen everything from clubs and skyscrapers to rental colonies and private residences– but now, I’m starting to see the landscape change in a whole different way.

For one reason or another, parcel owners have been dropping like flies, as is common in Second Life. Governor Linden has since reclaimed this land and sold it to the highest bidder, namely virtual real estate companies looking to make their quick buck. I have no problems with this whatsoever, but the contrast between the various real estate companies is amazing:

To the west of the gallery in the neighboring Jirasan sim, CP Costello Realty with their delightfully unobtrusive plaques laying  flat on the ground.They’ve also got fairly decent prices at about L$6000 for 512sq.m. of land

To the North and Northwest, DanZer Juran selling his 912 sq.m. plots for L$18,000 and Brenda Bartlett selling her 512 sq.m. plots for (holy fucking shit!) L$20,000 a piece. I know the picture doesn’t do the situation much justice, but you’d better believe that those signs are rotating in a most annoying fashion while simultaneously ruining the landscape.

Luckily for me, it looks like Jack Linden has taken notice of this problem and intends to fix it. As of February 14th, 2008, “using content, particularly advertising, to deliberately and negatively affect another resident’s view so as to sell a parcel for an unreasonable price, will be deemed unacceptable and dealt with as a violation of our community standards.”

Hooray for the little guy! It is now possible to file abuse reports for people that intentionally de-beautify Second Life’s landscapes. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some landscaping to do…


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