A First Life Update!

February 18, 2008

Seriously, I need to update this blog more often.

Those of you who know me will have probably noticed a distinctive lack of Cyanide in-world for the past week or so. This is because her counterpart, Jackie (pictured above, looking rather puzzled), is much needed out-world for things like her newly acquired classes and job. Allow me to fill you in on the details:

About a year or so ago, I was a student at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, majoring in Fine Arts (printmaking, specifically) and Minoring in Communication Design. Being a private school that it is, MIAD got a little expensive for my meager income (approximately $0 of taxable income a year– hooray for full-time academia!), so I was forced to drop out and begin the cycle of student loan repayment. Now a year has gone by, and I’ve decided to get back on the learnin’ wagon by attending the Milwaukee Area Technical College– a considerably cheaper, publicly-funded school that caters to people in situations such as mine.

<rant>So here I am again, majoring in Graphic Design, with hopes that I’ll actually get a piece of paper this time that tells employers “yes, she does well with institutionalized education in an environment that in no way mimics real-world working experience” so they can consider hiring me to concoct their public identities and draw pretty pictures for them. </rant>

Enough of that depressing school nonsense, however! I’ve got exciting news: in lieu of searching for a job for months on end, passing up the basic, run-of-the-mill “money makers” (mindless retail, factory work, etc.) I’ve finally found an awesome opportunity for myself– I am now (pending a background check) a janitor for the Milwaukee Public Museum! Granted, it’s a short-term position, valid only until June while they have the Body Worlds exhibit in town– but still! Being the curious opportunist that I am, having a big ring of keys that unlocks the forbidden doors of a museum jingling at my side makes me salivate just thinking about it……

So there you have it… more tidbits of my First Life!  Stay tuned for more of that “real world” nonsense…


One comment

  1. “Jackie (pictured above, looking rather puzzled), is much needed out-world for things like her newly acquired classes and job”…
    Not to mention taking care of 5 cats and other needy organic entities in your household.. Proud of you babe.

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