Insomnia and the Consequences Thereof

January 28, 2008

No, no, that’s not fair to the people who actually suffer from sleeping disorders– I don’t actually have insomnia. I just have a 3rd shift sleeping schedule. I have no idea why, to be honest… I don’t actually work third shift, I just seem to have a strange aversion to what precious little daylight there is during Wisconsin winters. But that is neither Here nor There.

Tonight was my poster deadline for SLB Production’s latest project “Les Fleurs Rose” (don’t ask me what the production is about– from what I can see, it’s all about good old fashioned ass-shaking with a little ballet thrown in for artistic measure). With the deadline came the usual few changes to the original design, creation of playbill page blanks, yada yada– I won’t bore you with details. The long and the short of it is that I procrastinated a bit too long (thanks to Welcome Doobie and our adventures with Keystone Bouchard/Fumon Kubo’s reflexive architecture scripts), and working on the materials into the night charged my brain up just enough for it to lower “sleep” on its priority list a few pegs. What-ever is a SL-addicted girl to do?

Clean out her inventory, of course.

Or, rather, continue cleaning it out.  I’ve been at it for months now, and I have yet to see the bottom of this expansive list of crap I’ve accumulated since my rezz-date. Tonight’s task was to sort through the new freebie hair I had gotten from ETD in the hairspray sim– an excellent find, by the way: 5 awesome hairstyles with well over 50 colors a piece, L$1 each– and to begin work on visiting/sorting/deleting my constantly-growing list of landmarks. Please note the disdainful look my avatar is giving my cursor as I make my futile attempts at organization.

Visitation of a few landmarks in my inventory eventually brought me to the Think Tank gallery, owned by Robbie Mimistrobel. What was meant to be a quick jaunt inside to tell whether it was a single or multi-artist gallery would turn into a 30 minute stroll through some very interesting installations. “Human Inferno“, “Invasion“, and “Trans-F-ormation” proved to be intriguing bits of art that explore the fine line between the virtual self and the real self (as well as the weird flickering effect that overlapping textures in-world creates). I’d recommend checking it out, if for no other reason than to check out the gallery itself. Nothing terribly innovative in terms of SL architecture, but detailed and pretty to look at, nonetheless– you can find the landmark in my BlogHUD, the widget for which is in the right-hand column of this page.

I decided to give up on all that when my SL decided to crash on me for the n’th time today– I can take a hint, darling, I can take a hint.

Oh, by the by… I know my blog title advertises that I’m supposed to “balance my First and Second Lives”, and I’ve been doing a terrible job of that. So I’ll announce that I’ll be returning to school this Thursday, attending the Milwaukee Area Technical College for Saturated Market Job Hunting (i.e. Graphic Design). I look forward to teaching fresh-out-of-high-school 18 year olds what a real critique is >D


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