Haiku Speedbuild – 25January08

January 25, 2008

Despite a sim crash mere minutes into the contest this evening, this week’s Haiku Speedbuild yielded some of the most impressive results I’ve seen yet! We’re starting to see a mix of regulars and newbies show up, so I’m glad to see that the word is getting out there and that the event is worth coming back to! We’ve even employed the use of a countdown clock and a voting board so the whole process is more efficient for the contestants and voters. Hooray!

Theme haiku for this week:

What remains unseen
When you break the whole to bits
Are the holes between

-Yvonne Aburrow

3rd Place – Peri Afarensis

2nd Place – Welcome Doobie

1st Place – Jeanni Nishi

Runner-up – Spaceman Opus

These sculptures will be on display all through the week at Blekinge Sculpture Park. You are even MORE strongly encouraged to attend this week because of the interactive nature of Jeanni Nishi’s sculpture– put on her flexi things and go for a spin!


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