January Updates

January 23, 2008

Damn, there’s only a week left of January? How the hell did that happen?

Bear with me, I haven’t much important to say at the moment. Just gonna jot what’s on my mind and call it a night:

Calamitous artistic intent……

Tonight, my esteemed colleague and co-founder of the Virtual Artist Alliance Rezago Kokorin rekindled the VAA artist building sessions that we used to hold every once in a while in the early days of the group. The premise of these building sessions is simple: for the first ten minutes the host introduces a concept or technique that can be applied to building in Second Life, and the remainder of the session is dedicated to experimentation, using said concept for artistic application. These sessions are not so much structured classes as they are giant collaborative initiatives that introduce people to new ideas or help them discover new uses for classic ideas via interaction with their peers.

Tonight’s topic: reflexive architecture scripts.

Watching the participants apply the reflexive architecture scripts to their own ideas was infinitely satisfying– despite the sessions being relatively short (6-7PM SLT on Tuesdays) it’s easy to see how quickly imaginations can be sparked into vivid fires of creativity. I’m excited about next week’s continued experimentation with the scripts!

I don’t seem to be able to embed the VAA’s new Google calendar into wordpress pages, but I can offer my readers a link to the calendar so you can keep yourself up to date with our events. Aside from the weekly artist sessions and haiku builds, well be coming up with some fun events for everyone to enjoy– stay tuned!


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