A Word on SLart

January 20, 2008

It would seem that the Second Life Art Community is in an uproar about ArtWorld Market/Richard Minsky’s trademark on the term SLart. People who read this blog will know that I’ve spoken with Minsky on the subject and that I’m one of the victims of his trademark enforcement.

Unfortunately, I seem to have miscommunicated my feelings on the whole situation. In my blog on the issue, I stated that “I fully understand and respect that someone who establishes a trademark on something–whatever it is– needs to protect them tooth and nail.” This should not suggest that I approve of what he has done, nor that I am okay with Minsky’s repeated bullying of people who unknowingly infringe upon his trademark– that statement was made because I do, in fact, respect people’s rights to protect their trademarks, but also because I was not aware that Minsky was contacting people for pissant mentions in their profiles or blogs. I figured that Minsky had contacted me because he did not understand that wikis were non-profit, open source collections of information and he was worried that I’d make money off of his trademark. Now that I am aware of the severity of this situation (thanks to Vint Falken and Loki Popinjay), my take on the issue is considerably less understanding and I certainly regret not fighting harder.

In any case, now that I have been educated on the matter, I am prepared to fight alongside my peers in the art community… but as far as I can see, changing SLArtpedia’s name to VirtualArtpedia was a good move on my part. Why would I want to risk a community project that I initiated being associated with a trademark that belongs to an arrogant ass?

Communities such as Slashdot, Fark and the Consumerist have been informed of Minsky’s trademark– if this issue interests you, I’d recommend keeping a lookout, or perhaps sending them your own information on the subject.



  1. […] made the shirt I’m wearing (available in full perm in the Detachable Penis group inworld), SLart Wiki had to change their name, and there’s a discussion on […]

  2. […] so did Sofian, in English as well as French. Tateru wrote a more nuanced piece for Massively and Cyanide Seelowe rethought changing the SLartwiki’s name. The discussing goes on on Flickr and on the ‘virtualartpedia’ – former known as the […]

  3. Loki gave me his tees and I’ll put them on SLX, OnRez, Apez as full perm freebies, and pics on FLickr and Koinup. (my way of support)

  4. fantastic, thanks Ganymedes!

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