December 30, 2007

As one of the leaders of the Virtual Artist Alliance, I find myself bogged down with event planning, project management and wiki-editing every time I click the “connect” button for Second Life. If you IM me in-world, chances are pretty high you’ll get a message to the effect of “Can’t talk now, doing VAA stuff”.

But what, exactly, do I end up doing during those times? I offer you this rare, unedited look into my Second Life, to show you just how hard I work when I’m “away” or “busy”.

So, without further adieu, I present to you “Rezago Kokorin, Sunn Thunders and Cyanide Seelowe at a Board Meeting”.

Yeah, that’s it… a Board Meeting…


One comment

  1. Highly serious and productive board meeting, I might add…

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