A Brief December

December 6, 2007

December will be a light month for me in terms of projects, what with the holidays coming about. I hope it’s the same for everyone else– get off the ‘puter and relax with your loved ones this month!

I will, however, take this moment to announce that Rezago Kokorin, Sunn Thunders and myself are working on a currently top-secret project for the VAA gallery land (what is it with me and top-secret stuff? Just living out the dream of being a double agent, I guess…). Unfortunately, the gallery land is currently devoid of any life or activity, which I must apologize for… but I’ll be getting the ball rolling as soon as I think of a graceful way to announce said top-secret project.

In other news…

Rezago Kokorin is hosting the one-year anniversary of Blekinge Sculpture park tonight, featuring the music of cypress Rosewood! A very special event, considering Blekinge Sculpture Park is the birthplace of the Virtual Artist Alliance… it’s amazing how quickly things change in a year’s time! Please do come tonight, if you have a chance– cypress will be playing at 7PM PST, and you’ll be able to see the lovely history of Blekinge in pictoral form!


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