November, Haiku Builds and other interesting things!

November 2, 2007

Finally, November is here! With it comes the official “Holiday Season”, cold weather, and sudden violent cravings for gingerbread flavoring in my evening coffee– it’s gonna be a good season!

So far, in November…

1.) The voting process of the Best of SL Art 2007 is now officially over. Votes will be tallied and the top 10 or 15 artists as deemed by the community votes will be interviewed through the month of November— more news on this once I sit and have a word with Enniv!

2.) Our first-ever Haiku Build! A special thanks to the Shin Tao Haiku Retreat for co-sponsoring the event, and holding the contest that provided us with the theme haiku poem, written by Wata Klata:

Leaving the ruins:

I stub my toe on a vase

Buried under leaves.

This event marked the beginning of November events for the VAA with a grand total of three builders and a fun group of spectators fluxing in and out. Extremely successful for our very first Haiku Build, I think!

Pictures, you ask? But of course:

First Place-Rezago Kokorin:

2nd Place- Madcow Cosmos:

3rd Place- Neo Draken:


Tekkon Kinkreet. In a flash-bang moment of “Holy crap I need some me time or I’ll explode.” that everyone should have every once in a while, I decided to sit down, shut up and watch a movie. This came in the mail from Netflix today, and happened to be the closest thing to the DVD player at the time. From a technical point of view, the animation is a delight to behold- clean a professional, and just sketchy enough to inform you that the animators did, in fact, have a good time making this movie. The story is not for the casual movie watcher– you’ll have to use your brain to really grasp this tale of friendship, completion and apple trees. Rent it, put it on your Netflix Queue, do whatever it takes to watch this movie. Love it or hate it, it needs to be on your “seen it” list.



  1. Nice haiku!

  2. […] Sculpture Park. Each week, we will be utilizing a haiku as the theme of the build (as per our collaboration with the Shin Tao Haiku retreat), so come by to enjoy some awesome poetry and impromptu […]

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