October 21, 2007

This last week has been an exciting one! The VAA had its first speed-build, which was graciously hosted by VAA co-owner Rezago Kokorin at the Virtual Artist Alliance gallery in Chiaksan. The theme was “things that scare you”, and the resulting builds were awesome:

Coming in first place was Sunn Thunders’ “Afraid of Chaos”

Second place was Madcow Cosmos’ tiny cubicles.

Third place was Cos Hirano with “Vertigo”.

It’s amazing what one can do with 50 minutes and a 30 prim limit– I’m always impressed with the results of speed-builds!

More Pictures?! Oh goodness, yes.

The improvisation/collaboration event with Enniv Zarf and Gwenette Writer was undoubtedly the most fun I’ve had in Second Life in quite a while! Enniv Zarf was at the helm, improvising music on piano, Gwenette was reciting improv poetry, and I was building an improv sculpture– all feeding off of and contributing to one another’s works in a colorful flurry of creativity. It was definitely a unique experience, and I’m hoping to participate in another event like this very soon:

The last ten minutes of the concert invited the audience to participate by contributing poetry, particles, sculpture, music– anything and everything to collaborate and contribute to the experience. The next time you see a notice for one of these Collaborative Improv concerts, it is strongly recommended that you go– you’ll be in for quite a treat!


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