Coming Up for Air

October 6, 2007

I’m sure everyone has experienced a workload so immense that they rarely come up for air to see what kind of effects their efforts are having on the community. I’ve definitely got one of those workloads on my hands at the moment, and to actually see results is utterly fantastic:

I found these while hanging out at the Cookie Sim, checking out their Autumn Writer’s Exhibition. I was thrilled to see that the nomination banners Enniv made are being put to good use! Furthermore, it was nice to see the poster that I designed for the Second Life Ballet’s latest performance, “Windows”, is being distributed and seen throughout the grid.

On the subject of the Autumn Writer’s Exhibition in Cookie— it’s worth a stop-by. There’s a lot of great poetry and prose hanging out there, and it’s definitely a testament to how active one of Second Life’s most thriving sub-cultures is. The sim itself is worth exploring, as there are a lot of hidden gems and stellar builds to see throughout.


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