Reflexive Architecture

October 5, 2007

I don’t really want to get into the habit of double-posting things here that I’ve already posted on the Virtual Artist Alliance newsblog… but I’m so excited about this recent development that I can’t contain myself!

You can see the above installation at the Gallery of Reflexive Architecture.

The best part about this Reflexive Architecture stuff? It’s open source! You’d better believe I’m gonna take full advantage of Keystone Bouchard and Fumon Kubo’s generosity to beautify my Second Life experience– I hope you guys will as well!

You can acquire three of the reflexive architecture scripts here. Remember everyone– the purpose of open-sourcing is to help improve upon a great creation to make it better for the whole, so don’t abuse the generosity!


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  1. […] Tonight’s topic: reflexive architecture scripts. […]

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