October Projects

October 4, 2007

And so, fall has come.

In my first year in Second Life, I’ve found that the summer months are relatively quiet in the art community, probably due to beautiful weather and vacations and the like. In that time, I’ve been a little slack in my duties… which is fine, it seems, because the moment I started to pick up activity in SL again, people started coming to me with projects and ideas.

Best of SL Art 2007

The Virtual Artist Alliance is currently the co-sponsor of Krystal Epic’s Best of SL Art 2007– I’ve been working on public relations and the like, encouraging artists and venue owners alike to nominate themselves or someone else. November was a breeze, it seemed, because all I had to do was pound our presence into the public mind. After Enniv Zarf had the End of Nominations party on September 30th, however… I kind of dropped the ball. That night was so exhausting that my brain is forcing me to take a rest. I think once this weekend comes around and I’ve had a couple days to rest, I’ll be able to get my ass back in gear. I’m sure the final two months of BOSLA 2007 will go smoothly…

Fall Festivals Haiku Build Contest

Currently, the VAA is also co-sponsoring an event with the Shin Tao Haiku Retreat– I’m not quite sure what it’s called yet (my brain is a useless gray mass at the moment) but it’s a three-day festival that celebrates Halloween, All Saint’s Day/Dia de los Muertos, and the Japanese Frog Festival. The gist of the contest is as follows:

DanteOsaka Deschanel and his assistants, Pomona Writer and Sunnie Beaumont will be holding a haiku contest for the Shin Tao haiku retreat. Whoever writes the best haiku that exmplifies the fall seasons and the festivals therein will have their Haiku be featured as the subject of the Haiku Build. At the Haiku Build, artists will be challenged with creating a sculpture that best represents the haiku. First place prize will be awarded L$400, second place will be L$200, and third place will be L$100. I have a feeling that this contest will attract a good crowd, and we’ll be able to have a lot of fun with this collaboration!

Who Will Save Lauk’s Nest?

Not so much a project as it was a helping hand in making waves in the SL community– Morris Vig IMd me one morning and asked me to help him spread the word on a pressing issue regarding the European VAT tax that was going to eradicate Lauk’s Nest, a substantial landmark in the artist community. I don’t recall exactly what was up at the time, but poor Morris was unable to send notices or view or create notecards. So I launched a notice with a notecard directing everyone to Morris’ blog so the community could be informed. Further steps were taken the next day when Morris and I contacted our press resources to further spread the news to a wider audience. Now this stuff is all over the news, and I find that I’m preening myself a little bit because I was able to help Morris with an issue he felt so strongly about.

Speaking of which, I need to talk to Morris about a top-secret project. It’s on the to-do list.


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